Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Decorating bucket list

Do you have a list of "one day I will try that in my home..." kinds of projects?
For me, the list is long long long.
And this picture has two of the things on my list....
1. Stencilled entryway
2. Painted ceiling
via atlanta homes magazine
One of my favorite blogs, Little Green Notebook, has a few stencil posts you should check out...this one being my favorite. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

graceful interiors

So as you know if you have spent more than 3.7 seconds on my blog, I love me a good dose of pretty. Heck, if you're on here, you probably do too. Well it's my blog and today I want to revel in pretty interiors. It's such a hard life doing this...such a hard life. 

First up we have not only white on white, one of my favorites, we also have a gorgeous table, mirrored accessories, and the perfect lamp. 
Vignette shots are the best kind, no? You can really focus on the details.
via hopscotch and grace tumblr
a homerun!

 via hopscotch and grace tumblr
The mint on the dining room walls is unexpected, but isn't it gorgeous? I think besides the colors, my favorite part of this room is the delicate scale of the chairs and the chandelier. 

via hopscotch and grace tumblr
Everybody in blogland was all about the lucite circa 2008 but that doesn't mean we can't still oo and ah. My favorite part of this though is hands.down the huge mirror...A mirror with a mirrored frame. Also, I love the print on the club chairs.

 via hopscotch and grace tumblr
I'm assuming this is an entryway, at least based on how it's staged. I can't TELL you how much time I spend looking at entryway shots. It's kind of a shame that not many houses acutally havvve what you could even categorize as an entryway, don't you think? I love the wallpaper, and a room where you don't spend too much time is the perfect kind of room for wallpaper. Also, I love this updated black/white chest of drawers. Now I'm just rambling and need to stop.

via apartment 34
I like the pattern on the adds interest but is still fairly neutral.

via little bits of lovely blog
Blue and white will always be a classic. 

And that rounds out my tour of pretty pictures... Maybe tomorrow we can talk about power tools and how to lay tile without getting dirty.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rugs @ Lowe's

I guess I've been living under a rock, because Guess. What. 
Apparently Lowe's sells rugs. 
Rugs? Lowe's sells rugs? I thought they only sold these kinds of things: 

oh yes, Grasshopper, they sell more than washers/dryers, gardening tools, and bricks. 

I particularly like this one:

For the contemporary minded:

I would love to build a room around this one:
It would be classy and elegant and I would never leave. Bon bons would be involved.

This one is pretty...and it looks updated, with the blown-up sizes on the patterns and no border:

And here's another one that could be used in about a hundred different ways:
(And it's only $12.49?) I wonder if there's a catch.

And because e'rrybody loves animal print: 
Get yours here

Maybe next week I will learn that Lowe's sells ice cream. 

Do they?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Really Anthro?

Anthropologie, you know I love you but commmmmme onnnnnn. Seriously?
I know you have amazing stylists but this room confuses me. 
Your ads are usually the kind that make bloggers say words like "swoon" and "I die" and other such hu-ha. But this ad campaign (and this picture in particular) makes me scratch my head a little.

First of all, the chair.
This chair looks like it came out on the wrong side of a fight with a cat. 

Like, not even a kitty cat. 
a puma. 

And it's $998. 
Furrowed brow. 

I'm trying to pinpoint what exactly the aesthetic is that they're going for in their latest ad campaign. 
I think it started out as kind of a bohemian-cabin look that went a little awry. 

What do you think? Like / Love / Feel confused ?