Sunday, May 1, 2011

Desktop Cleanup

Well holy moly people! It's been crazy Guess what?! I have a new job. I love it. And I no longer have a 90 mile round-trip commute! Can I get a 



(Ashamed face)
I know I've been bad this last month+ on my blogging. And so I'm thinking---'girl! Get it together!' Operation Ease Back Into Blogging:
It's in full effect. 
And what easier way to start back up than with a little kill-2-birds with un stone. 
A new post and a cleaned up desktop?
Why yes!
('cause good gracious---I have a hundred completely unorganized photos floating around)

A few images that have been catching my eye
of late
This little gem went straight into my mental dream-cottage file. Ok first off---that little green chest of drawers would be a perfect weekend DIY project. The assorted art is perfect for adding personality, and I LOVE the oversized arrangement of eucalyptus on the mantel. 

Next up!
Let's see, I'm trying to remember what it was that caught my eye the first time I saw this. (Seriously...this could be from back in January, people. So many to choose from.)
Well I know I think that rug is the perfect rug for that space. And I Double-Know that I love that roman shade. The perfect entryway!

Moving right along, we have another entry into the "Mary you're crazy predictable" file. 
This is right up my style alley, just in case you haven't noticed what exactly my style is. 
Ok secret's out people! I love whites, I love an elegant dose of shabby (oxymoron?), I love blues, and oh yes anything that screams feminine. 
I think this does.

More puddled curtains... know how much j'adore.

Let's see what else is here...
Oh just a dream workspace, that's all! is Sunday night and I SURE don't want to overwork myself, seeing how blogging is so mentally strenuous etc etc etc.
(I'm JKing people.)

But seriously....

I'll be back tomorrow!


jen @ design blossom said...

I was wondering where you got off to! Congratulations on your new job!

Glad you're back :)

meghan jane said...

oh gosh, you're my favorite person in the world i think. can we move into an apartment together and put up those curtains??

Jeans Wags said...

Perfect timing continuing blogging again at the start of May! Congratulations on the job!! So glad you're loving it. Where is it?

Flavia @ Estilo Home said...

Congrats on your new job! I recently cut back on my commute as well, and it's the best! Look forward to more of your posts!

Alyssa - Live, Love, Craft said...

It's official. I'm following you. I just found your blog and I LOVE it! Plus you're beautiful, and you live in KS too, and you love decorating too. ! :D I am 13 and I want to be an interior designer when I "grow up" but I have a pain in the butt time with my own house. :( Mostly 'cause I can't find a cute and colorful scheme that goes with burgundy couches... can you help?


Bridge said...

yaaaay, Mary's back!

Now, if only to actually speak to you instead of just following your life through your blog... :) Miss you!